Pilot Program

A significant milestone in the history of trade. Comdex will establish regional office in 4 locations and conduct on-chain fiat settlements while onboarding partners and pushing trade volumes

Comdex Pilot Program

Comdex's pilot program involves the usage of the Comdex settlement platform by over 10 commodity trading organizations present in several globally renowned trading hubs.



Total Partners


Total Commodity Hubs


Gross Annual Revenue Of Renowned Partners

Comdex's extensive roadmap involves the plan of expanding to over 5 continents and to over 50 major trading hubs. Before such an endevaour can begin, Comdex intends to carry out a significant number of trades in order to properly attain the operational experience required to scale the platform's settlement volume. Thus, the 'Comdex Pilot Program' was established, involving four and highly reputable trading hubs where Comdex's core team has already had operational experience and financial success.