Comdex is revolutionising the archaic and laggard commodity trade industry to make it more efficient and usher it into the next era of transformation.

Comdex revolutionizes the $17 trillion a year commodity trading industry by using existing banking structures and advanced technology. With a plethora of solutions including a single platform to connect trade financiers, aid in trade settlement and propel trade discoveries, Comdex is already in the pilot phase with trades of millions of dollars.


Comdex is built on the most powerful, scalable, customizable and interoperable ecosystem of connected blockchains - Cosmos Tendermint


About Us

Comdex revolutionisies the fragmented commodity trade industry making it efficient, fast and transparent. The vision of Comdex is to revolutionize the rudimentary process of global commodity trade to minimize settlement times and maximize transparency, efficiency and immutability in trade discovery and trade financing at lightning speeds. The solution is designed to harmoniously tie the existing banking protocols and modern technology to ensure trust, speed and scalability of transactions and settlement.

Why Commodity Trading needs Comdex?

This industry is plagued with multiple problems which often result in losses that add up to billions of dollars

Lengthy Trade Cycles

Lengthy trade cycles owing to archaic banking systems and high number of intermediaries in the settlement system.

No Consolidated Marketplace

Absence of a reliant platform based marketplace which consolidates trade related offers and commodity trade discoveries.

Extensive Legal Cycles

Falsification of data including forgery and misrepresentation of facts which breed distrust and lengthy legal processes.

Lack of Credibility

No Ratings / Scoring system establishing the credibility of the traders.


The future of Commodity trading is here

Comdex is a comprehensive all-in-one platform with a suite of products aimed at the Commodity
Trading Industry. The solutions include but are not limited to:

Trade Settlement

The Comdex settlement system offers commodity traders the ability to make cross-border payments without bearing the expense and time that arise from using the SWIFT system. The Comdex settlement platform relies on the use of advanced real-time domestic settlement protocols that are present in the platform's supported trading regions.

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Trade Financing

The Comdex trade finance platform allows financial organizations to finance commodity trades that will be settled on the Comdex platform. With advanced features like deal flow visibility and reputation scoring, trade financing can be much more transparent, efficient and accountable.

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The value of Comdex

Comdex is an ecosystem with Traders, Financiers and Underwriters under one platform.

  • Traders

    Comdex is more than just a service with multiple products and advanced technology. It is a platform connecting all the parties of the commodity trading ecosystem.

    It is a one stop shop for a company’s funding requirements connecting global partners on one single platform. These partnerships provide companies with access to working capital funding at a lower cost, which has been a traditional constraint for SMEs.

    The platform’s promise of greater transparency means processes become more streamlined and efficient which also equate to cost savings.

  • Financiers

    The Comdex platform provides access to a large global portfolio of potential customers to increase their customer base. The robust KYC process and transparency of the trades give the funders the perfect platform for verification of origin.

    The participation of underwriters on the platform provides avenues to mitigate risk and gives investors the ability to bring their customers onto a trusted platform.

  • Underwriters

    Insurance plays a significant role in risk mitigation in trade finance and with the participation of major underwriters on the platform; investors have the peace of mind of credit insured sales and purchases.

    Insurance is crucial when providing trade credit solutions and securing a credit insurance can be the difference between missing an opportunity and gaining a lucrative deal that bolsters the bottom line.

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