The future of commodity trading has arrived

Comdex is revolutionizing the $16 trillion commodity trade industry by making it efficient, instant and transparent. The vision of Comdex is to revolutionize the rudimentary process of global commodity trade to minimize settlement times and maximize transparency, efficiency and immutability in trade discovery and trade financing at lightning speeds.

Comdex offers a wide range of solutions aimed at fixing the laggard and archaic practices of the commodity trade industry of today.

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Multiple Regional Offices

Comdex uses a proprietary settlement platform built on the tenets of Tendermint, a protocol comprised of two main pieces: a blockchain consensus engine and a generic application interface. Using Tendermint, Comdex scopes the validating of transactions where transactions of each commodity and zone will utilize validators and consensus of the Hub initially, but will eventually function in a way where every zone utilizes their own validator set for processing transactions on top of the respective chain.


How do we do it better?

The Comdex settlement platform enables commodity sellers to place sell offers while allowing commodity buyers to make purchases.​ The x1 of a commodity trade settlement on the Comdex platform involves the participation of a trader who is selling a commodity, a buyer of said commodity and the Comdex Administrator.​

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