Comdex is trusted by stakeholders across the commodity value chain to be able to bring efficiency, security and transparency to cross border commodity trade processes.

Comdex revolutionizes the $17 trillion a year commodity trading industry by using existing banking structures and advanced technology. With a plethora of solutions including a single platform to connect trade financiers, aid in trade settlement and propel trade discoveries, Comdex is already in the pilot phase with trades of millions of dollars.


Comdex's blockchain is built on Persistence, an enterprise blockchain toolkit,
with features of immutability, provenance and cross-chain communication


About Us

Comdex impacts the fragmented commodity trade indsutry by making it faster, more transparent and efficient. The vision of Comdex is to revolutionize the rudimentary process of global commodity trade to minimize settlement times and maximize transparency, efficiency and immutability in trade. The solution is designed to harmoniously tie the existing industry protocols and bleeding-edge technology to ensure trust, speed and scalability of trade transactions and settlements.

Why Commodity Trading needs Comdex?

The cross border commodity trade industry experiences several painpoints,
some of which decrease overall efficiency while others increase risks associated with the trade

Lengthy Trade Cycles

Archaic banking systems and a high number of intermediate touchpoints in the settlement system create delays in trade cycles.

No Consolidated Marketplace

Absence of a reliant platform based marketplace to facilitate secure and seamless trade document exchanges and negotiations

Extensive Legal Cycles

Potential falsification of data including forgery and misrepresentation of facts breeds distrust resulting in lengthy legal checks and processes

Lack of Credibility

No Ratings / Scoring system establishing the credibility of the trading parties


The Platform

Comdex is a comprehensive all-in-one platform with a suite of products, designed for the Commodity Trade Industry.
The solutions include but are not limited to:

Trade Workflow

Traders on the platform can maintain and exchange key trade documents and information of their existing trades, all of which are stored on the blockchain securely and immutably. The information can be organised to generate reports for tracking of trade activity.

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Live Trade Room

Features such as live chatbox, shared document view, documentary tagging and e-signing enable frictionless negotiation and finalisation of contract & trade terms, document exhange and signing between trade parties.

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Trade Finance

Trade financiers on the platform have access to a directory of verified trades between KYC'd trading parties requiring financing. The module is designed to assist financiers in assessing financing proposals considering all the risk factors invloved in the trade.

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