Comdex as a platform is aimed at providing traders with seamlessness by digitizing traditional trade practices. Built on bleeding-edge technology, traders are offered complete transparency and security for data of their high-value trades. Comdex provides traders with a solution enabling some of the fastest commodity trade settlements globally.

The platform acts as a one-stop-shop for all the needs of commodity trading houses. The data generated during trades along with all the supporting documentation is securely stored on the blockchain. Traders can allow for trade-related data to be made available to financiers on the platform.

Trading organizations can onboard multiple verified traders from their organizations onto Comdex. The organization admin account has complete visibility and control of the trading activities of the trader accounts. Admins can individually restrict and modify trader accesses to a specific module on the platform. Admin accounts will also have access to individual trader reports generated on the platform that can be used to track the performance of individual traders.

The improved efficiency, transparency, and security can help generate cost savings for trading organizations and all stakeholders involved in the trade process.


The Comdex platform provides financiers access to a large global portfolio of principally protected trade finance assets. The platform performs robust KYC on all trading parties and ensures complete transparency in trade, giving financiers the perfect platform for verification and due diligence.

Financiers on the platform will be able to participate in trade processes right from inception through the various phases of negotiation and contract-execution. This creates further transparency for the financiers with regards to the trades they opt to fund.

Suppliers or Buyers seeking financing will be able to invite financiers into trade rooms where financiers have transparent access to correspondences and exchanges. Financiers can also use the platform to simultaneously keep track of all receivables and payables on the platform and seamlessly manage trade processes.


Insurance plays a significant role in risk mitigation in trade finance and with the participation of major underwriters on the platform; investors have the peace of mind of credit insured sales and purchases.

Insurance is crucial when providing trade credit solutions and securing credit insurance can be the difference between missing an opportunity and gaining a lucrative deal that bolsters the bottom line.