In a world where trade and communication are heavily globalized and competition is fierce, value is derived from four key facets: efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and trust. Comdex is a trade-tech platform, designed to ensure trust, speed, and scalability of trade transactions and settlements.

Comdex was started with a straightforward purpose to fix the archaic and laggard commodity trade industry to make it more efficient and usher it into the next era of transformation. The vision of Comdex is to revolutionize the rudimentary process of global commodity trade to minimize settlement times and maximize transparency, efficiency, and immutability in trade.

Comdex's blockchain is built on Persistence, an institutional finance friendly blockchain toolkit with the features of immutability, provenance, and cross-chain communication

"The commodity trade industry is undoubtedly the lifeblood of the global supply chain and it must evolve along with technology to combat the threats of the future. Comdex will be one of the first solutions that transform this industry into one that is seamless and effective".

Uday Joshi
CEO, Comdex

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