Comdex Overview

Comdex was built on a simple principle of making the fragmented commodity trade industry efficient, fast and transparent. The vision of Comdex is to revolutionize the rudimentary process of global commodity trade to minimize settlement times and maximize transparency, efficiency and immutability in trade discovery and trade financing at lightning speeds.

The Commodity Trade Industry is one of the largest industries in the world with over $17 trillion worth of commodities exported globally, in 2017 alone. Every manufacturing industry in the world economy is directly or indirectly influenced by the availability of various industrial commodities and their live prices. This global interdependence means commodity trading is among the most important industries, playing a huge role in global economic sentiment due to its influence on the GDP of several economic superpowers. The South East Asian Region is a powerhouse in this industry, accounting for a quarter of total world trade and this is precisely the reason Comdex has chosen to start its operations in the SE Asian region.

Comdex offers five main solutions


Distinct advantages of Comdex


Ongoing and past pilot programs

A significant moment in the history of trade settlements, Comdex successfully completed its pilot program involving two partners and has been recorded as the first-ever On-Chain Fiat Settlement in history. This settlement process is through the Comdex blockchain. Comdex aims to settle a commodity trade between two traders who are present in two of the major trading hubs that Comdex services.

The pilot program is an ongoing process and the dedicated pilot section in our blog will chronicle all the facts and figures updated in real time.

Brand Guidelines

These rules (“Rules”) apply to any party (e.g., a trader, financier or any other party) wishing to use Comdex’s trademarks, service marks, logos, wordmarks, graphics and similar intellectual property (the “Comdex Brand Assets”) in promotional, advertising, instructional or reference materials, on websites, or in connection with the products or services.

By using or reproducing a Comdex Brand Asset you are agreeing to abide by these Rules which form a binding agreement between you and Comdex. If you are using a Comdex Brand on behalf of a legal entity such as your employer, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity, and the terms “you” or “your” shall include such entity. If you do not agree to these Rules, you are not authorized to use Comdex Brand Assets. The Rules are intended to promote consistent use of the Comdex brand. This makes it easier for people to instantly recognize references to Comdex and related products and prevents market confusion. The Rules are also intended to protect the Comdex Brand Assets, which are valuable assets of the company (Comdex).

Comdex dedicates substantial resources to the development and protection of its intellectual property. In addition to seeking registration of its trademarks and logos around the world, Comdex enforces its rights against people and companies that misuse its trademarks and other Comdex Brand Assets. In following these Rules, you help Comdex protect its valuable trademark rights from dilution and disparagement while also strengthening the Comdex brand identities. You acknowledge that Comdex is the sole and exclusive owner of all Comdex Brand Assets and derivatives thereof and that all goodwill derived from using any Comdex Brand Asset inures exclusively to the benefit of Comdex. You promise that you will not interfere with Comdex’s rights in the Comdex Brand Assets, including by challenging Comdex’s use, registration, or application to register any Comdex Brand Asset or by registering any Comdex Brand Asset yourself anywhere in the world. Usage Rights Except for the limited right to use Comdex Brand Assets expressly permitted under these Rules, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by implication or otherwise. You agree that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any Comdex Brand Asset, including by using any Comdex Brand Asset in connection with any unlawful, scandalous or fraudulent activities. You agree to use Comdex Brand Assets in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulatory regimes.

Comdex Logos

Only Comdex and its authorized licensees or partners may use Comdex logos, wordmarks, and graphic symbols (including the Comdex mark) in advertising, promotional and sales materials. If you are authorized to use Comdex logos in your agreement with Comdex then you must use the Comdex logos only as specified in your agreement (and any associated usage terms) and such use must always include appropriate terms that define the relationship authorized by your agreement (e.g., integrator, service provider, licensee, etc.). You should not use Comdex logos, marks and images you may have found elsewhere on the web.

Compatibility and Referential Use

If you are using Comdex products and services you may use Comdex word marks in a referential manner on your website or in printed or electronic promotional/advertising materials to accurately describe that your product or service is compatible with or utilizes the referenced Comdex product or service (including Comdex technology).
Any such use must comply with the following requirements:

  • (a) The Comdex word mark is not part of the name of your Brand, product or service.
  • (b) The Comdex wordmark appears less prominent than the name of your product or service.
  • (c) The reference to Comdex does not create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship, or false association with Comdex or Comdex products or services.
  • (d) Your use does not show Comdex or its products or services in a false or derogatory light.

Events and Publications

You may use a Comdex word mark in connection with events, seminars, conferences and articles (and related promotional materials) in a referential manner provided that you comply with the following requirements

  • (a) Your use of a Comdex wordmark in any title is less prominent than the rest of the title.
  • (b) Your use reflects favourably on both Comdex and Comdex products and services.
  • (c) Your name and logo appear more prominently than the Comdex word mark on all printed and electronic materials advertising or marketing the article or event. To be clear, you may not present Comdex Brand Assets in a way that makes them the most distinctive or prominent feature of what you’re creating.
  • (d) Comdex logos may not be included without Comdex’s express written permission.
  • (e) A disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement by Comdex, similar to the following, is included on the publication and all related marketing materials: “This [SITE, POST, BLOG, ARTICLE, EVENT, ETC.] is independent of Comdex and has not been authorized, endorsed, sponsored or otherwise approved by Comdex or its affiliates.”
  • (f) A trademark attribution notice is included in a credit section giving notice of Comdex’s ownership of its trademarks.